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Best Dating Apps for New Yorkers

Best Dating Apps for New Yorkers

There are 8.5 million people living in NYC. And someone who suits you for tonight or for the rest of your life is out there too. Maybe, you saw your Mr./Ms. Right on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, or sat next to him or her this afternoon in a coffee shop on the East Side.

The Big Apple has no problem with interesting singles. But meeting them has become a real challenge for New Yorkers. We are too busy, too into something else and in too much of a hurry to spend much time wondering through bars and parks and waiting for a sure hit. That’s why dating apps have come to be a part of dating culture in New York. It’s just one tap between you and your exciting date. That’s of course if you are using a right app with local-based NYC search and meet real New Yorkers.

Best Dating Apps for New Yorkers

In order to help you find such an app, we’ve made a research on the most interesting mobile dating services and made our own list featuring pros and cons of the best dating apps for New Yorkers.

    • Align


Pros: Made exclusively for NYC and L.A., so you don’t go wasting your time on someone you’ll never be able to meet in real life

Cons: Users are matched based on the horoscope compatibility. Taurus for Capricorn and Gemini for Libra. Or is it all the other way around? A questionable matchmaking algorithm. But fun though.


    • Secret Desire

Secret Desire

Pros: An app featuring good local-based search. But the best part is anonymity. No wearing masks, no pretending someone you are not. Speak up your desires and find other New Yorkers who are up for the exact same thing. It might be just a sexy chat, a one night stand adventure or a beginning of true love.

Cons: The app is not for New Yorkers only. You can chat with your neighbor next door or find someone on the other coast. It’s not a con actually, but you have to be specific on your goals and search parameters.


    • Sweatt


Pros: A purely NYC app focused on gyms, fitness and yoga classes. A nice mobile spot to meet someone like-minded, if you are all into sports.

Cons: No sport in your life and not a single thought about it? Then you won’t see any good matches on this one. Sorry.


  • Happn


Pros: An app designed to find that same stranger you liked on the aboveground train or in the Central Park last week. We are not sure, if the idea is good for small towns somewhere in Midwest, bur it surely works for the Big Apple.

Cons: Your matches are people rushing along the same daily routs and the same streets as you are. And what if your soulmate is usually taking another train? Oops. Happn is of no help for you two.


  • Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel

Pros: An app that fits love life in your busy schedule. Every day at noon one new match is available for you. Didn’t fall for him/her? Just say “no” and provide feedback on what’s wrong. Tomorrow you’ll get a new, better-tailored would-be partner.

Cons: The matchmaking process is very slow which is good as it gets you to think over every match and bad ‘cause your chances on finding a date for tonight are slim to none.


  • Tinder


Pros: An app that has changed the field of mobile dating and introduced swiping into the world of matchmaking. Right-swipe is a yes, lift-swipe is a no. Liked someone who right-swiped you too? Congrats, you are a match! It’s all easy. And the local NYC search is quite good too.

Cons: Swiping is fun for the first two days or so. Then it becomes real exhausting. There are zillions of users in New York alone and you are very likely to miss or ‘mis-swipe’ your Mr./Ms. Right because of all the crowd.


  • OkCupid

Best Dating Apps for New Yorkers

Pros: Another easy-to-use and very popular dating app in New York and all over the world. The matchmaking algorithm is simple, just hit or miss, but many users registered and good search-customizing tools make OkCupid quite efficient.

Cons: The app shares Tinder problems. It’s nice to know you have zillions of users in New York City to choose from. But it might get quite disappointing and exhausting as it gets to real matchmaking.

As you can see, the apps above have their pros and cons. But all of them do work and help singles in New York City meet each other. Mobile dating is a real catch for our fast lifestyles and busy schedules. Your date is already there waiting for you to download an app, so go for it!