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Catfishing Meaning and its Relation to Online Communication

Catfishing Meaning and its Relation to Online Communication

Internet is the new bar. Like it or not, we all are more or less social media dependent. We socialize, chat and meet other users online. Sometimes we consider friends people we’ve never actually seen in person. And that’s where the problem of catfishing begins. How do you know your acquaintance behind the screen is real?

Catfishing Definition

Catfish is a slang word for a man creating a fake profile on a social networking or dating site. In other words, it’s a person pretending to be someone else, making up a different life story and using other people’s pictures to make his profile look real.

What Is the Goal of Catfishing?

In most cases, fake personalities are there for misleading purposes or fraudulent. But the Urban Dictionary defines catfish as another synonym for troll, because sometimes they are created to provoke other people and initiate scandals on chatrooms and forums on the internet.

Catfishing Meaning and its Relation to Online Communication

Who Is the Victim of a Fake Profile?

Usually, we say “victims of a catfish” meaning people who had believed in a fake. But strictly speaking, there always are two types of afflicted: the ones who were decepted and the one whose personal data or photos had been stolen to create the account. The first, of course, are far outnumbered.

If you’ve bumped into a fake account on a dating site and fell for someone who had never existed, you suffer a great moral injury. But it will hurt even more, if you provide your fake date with any money or your credit card details.

Online dating is a fun and easy way to meet people, but in order to get a positive experience of it you have to follow simple safety rules. Please see our next review and find some useful tips on how to discover fake profiles and fend off frauds trying to catfish on you on dating sites and apps.