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What Is a Catfish in Online Dating and How to Fend off It

Catfishing Meaning and its Relation to Online Communication

The more popular online dating is the more and more unsavory characters are attracted to it. That’s the reality we have to face. But it doesn’t mean you are to give up the idea of fast and easy matchmaking. You just have to be a bit more cautious and considerate on who are you chatting with.

Next we’ll discuss what does a catfish mean in dating and how to discover one in your matches. Please check out frequently asked questions on the issue along with our quick and clear answers.

What Is a Catfish in Online Dating and How to Fend off It

What is Catfish dating

Catfishes create fake profiles on dating sites and apps, use other people’s photos and personal data, pretend to be someone they are not in order to lure real users into online romance and (not necessarily, but very often) get to his or her credit card.

Why Is It Called Catfish Dating?

The slang term was first used by a hapless lover Nev Schulman in 2010. He falls for a gorgeous girl on a dating site, the young couple has a long love story online until Nev discovers his girlfriend had been faked by a middle-aged married housewife. He came up with a documentary called “Catfish” and latter with a same name TV-show.

Of course, Schulman was not the first guy to get caught up in a relationship with a fake identity, but he was the one to initiate the extensive discussion on what does catfish mean in online dating.

In his documentary, he used the metaphor of live catfish and cod shipped together: catfishes kept cods active until the end of the journey and so do online catfishes on dating and social networking sites.

What Is a Catfish in Online Dating and How to Fend off It

What Is Dating a Catfish Like?

At first, you meet someone fabulous and very right for you. Then you two have great chats and get kind of attached, but all of that online only.  Meeting in person is what a catfish on a dating site never does. Finally, he or she asks for help, gifts and money or wangles your credit card details and vanishes.

How to Catch a Catfish in Online Dating

The biggest signs of a fake are your online date not able to see you any time

at all and rejecting the idea of video chats. Those are definitely red flags.

What Is a Catfish in Online Dating and How to Fend off It

However, there are some other signals to arouse suspicion.

  1. Look carefully on his or her pictures. Are they too good to be true? That’s another suspicious sign, especially if you are not a supermodel yourself.
  2. Ask yourself, if your relationship has gotten too serious way in no time at all. Real relationship-seekers need to get to know each other. People in search of hookups arrange a quick meet-up or get straight to sexting. Instant romance without meeting in person is usually what a catfish wants of online dating. They gain your trust to get to your money.

If your online date has asked for money or expensive gifts, say no. No matter what his or her pretexts were and how convince they seemed. If he keeps insisting or ghosts on you after your firm refusal, breathe a sigh of relief. Now you know precisely what does a catfish mean in online dating and will never buy in to fake identities again