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Online Dating Safety Tips

New dating site and app users are usually focused on matches, chats and meet-ups, but there is another crucial thing to be taken into consideration – online dating safety.

NYC Online is a platform for bringing singles together. We do our best to provide you with worthy matches and a safe dating environment within the service, but we do not carry out background check on the users and cannot guarantee the trustworthy of their profile information.

Please respect the basic online dating safety tips we provide you with bellow and use your common sense in order to gain a positive experience of meeting partners on the web.


  1. Stay anonymous. Your profile should not read:
  • real last name
  • personal data
  • phone number
  • place of residence other than the city
  • work address
  1. Use a strong password consisting of both letters and numbers, never reuse passwords from your other accounts on the web. Enter password with cautions in a safe place where nobody is watching you.


  1. Always use the chatting service provided before you actually meet your match. No phone calls or regular text messaging. Your phone number is to be kept away from online dating until you’re sure of your relationship’s future.
  2. Be specific on your expectations and ask your match of his/her expectations and plans as well. Ask questions to get to know your would-be partner better.
  3. Never provide your matches with your credit card details or give them any money.


  1. Meet in a familiar public place
  2. Be sure to take and properly charge your cell phone
  3. Get a taxi or use your own transportation
  4. Let your friends and family members know where you are going and whom you are meeting.
  5. Call or text someone from family/friends when you get to the meeting point and once your date is over
  6. Mind your alcohol drinking
  7. Be sure to finish your drink before going to the restroom or anywhere else and take your personal belongings like cell phone and wallet with you
  8. Walk away if you feel somehow uncomfortable or unsafe

In Addition: Mind the Red Flags

If your match does any of the following, he/she might probably by a scammer:

  • Asks for money or financial details
  • Is always unable to have a video chat
  • Is always unable to meet you in person
  • Gets too serious about you and your relationship without even meeting or knowing you better
  • Doesn’t give proper answers to your questions
  • Writes bizarre or off-topic massages
  • Tries to sell you anything
  • Insists on you to follow any links, visit sites or download apps outside of the service

Reporting Suspicions Activity and Profiles

In case a user seems suspicious in any way, immediately stop your communication and report to NYC Online

More information on ways to keep yourself safe and tips on how to fend off scammers while dating online are provided in the Relationship Articles Section of our website. Please, read for more details: