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What Is a Catfish in Online Dating and How to Fend off It

Relationship Articles1The more popular online dating is the more and more unsavory characters are attracted to it. That’s the reality we have to face. But it doesn’t mean you are to give up the idea of fast and easy matchmaking. You just have to be a bit more cautious and considerate on who are you chatting with… Read More>>>

Someone recently asked me this question, “what does being in love mean to you?”, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts about this important questionBeing in love means that when you hold her late at night in the dark, you want to whisper in her ear that holding her is always the best part …

Why arent you married yet

Relationship Articles1
Whether you?re single and loving it or desperately seeking Mr./Ms. Right, being hounded about your relationship status is annoying. And yet it seems to be a perfectly acceptable topic of conversation at festive family functions this time of year. In preparation for holiday party season, we … Read More>>>

Single this season Lucky you!

Relationship Articles1
Back when I was single (as in, not even dating anyone), all I wanted for Christmas ? for Thanksgiving, even ? was a great guy. I imagined us canoodling through the holiday season in some kind of winter-wonderland montage: Dragging home a Christmas tree together, downing bubbly in front of a… Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 124

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, our columnist was trying to get to know Ethan a bit better after fabricating a repair that she could have easily fixed herself. After being quizzed about the ?Jessica? tattoo on his arm, Ethan drops a bombshell on Sara by mentioning his girlfriend! Have Sara?s flirt… Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 123

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, our writer?s curiosity was piqued by the identity of the mysterious Jessica, a name tattooed ? inside a heart, no less ? on handyman Ethan?s forearm. Could that be a twinge of jealousy she feels? Perhaps she just needs a distraction from her suddenly too-friendly e… Read More>>>

Use Good Common Sense Both Online or Offline

It’s important to use our good common sense whether we initially meet someone
online or offline.I think most people value their privacy but sometimes we also need to exchange
some limited information about ourselves. Issues like a woman’s safety is always
most important regarding this exchanging of …

Single in the suburbs, part 121

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, our columnist had just returned from her all-girl weekend getaway and was staving off feelings of nostalgia about her failed marriage with Craig by summoning Ethan, the Craigslist handyman. She and Ethan had chemistry when he came over for repairs and lasagna just a… Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 122

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, our columnist fabricated a repair emergency just so she?d have an excuse to spend more time with Ethan after returning home from Florida. He seemed just as eager to see Sara again and agreed to come over right away. Is this the romantic connection she?s been hoping … Read More>>>

Single dads & dating What to know?

Relationship Articles1
When my daughter was little, dating was like tiptoeing through a minefield without a flak jacket. Because I was still in my 20s when I divorced, the men I dated were young, childless and carefree ? and completely uninterested in becoming a stepdad. When my daughter cried, used scissors inap… Read More>>>

Meet my dysfunctional family

Relationship Articles1
Some people are blessed with somewhat normal relatives; others, with families that can seem a bit more unconventional ? especially to an outsider. So what?s a person with family issues to do when it comes to introducing a new boyfriend or girlfriend, particularly around the holidays?
Do you…

Is Internet technology messing up your love life

Relationship Articles1
Is technology complicating your love life, leaving you just one click away from a romantic meltdown?
If so, you are not alone.
The truth is that some aspects of dating are changing as often as updates for the iPhone. Warp-speed transformations, especially in the ways we communicate, make d… Read More>>>

I hate the holidays!

Relationship Articles1
?Tis the season to be jolly! ?Tis also the season where single people are reminded of how empty their lives must be by family, friends and those annoying couple-filled commercials. Now don?t get me wrong ? sometimes I love being single. But those 40 days between Thanksgiving and New Year?s … Read More>>>

How are your dating manners?

Relationship Articles1

Manners may seem old-fashioned, but they?re still important in making a good first impression. Take this fun quiz to figure out if your manners are good, bad or ugly.
1. How do you greet your date?
?Is that what you?re wearing?? (Score = 1)
?Ready yet?? (Score = 2)
?Hello.? (Score = 3)
?Hi…

Honey, meet the ex

Relationship Articles1
Forget the quandary of first-date attire. When it comes to choosing an outfit for a meeting with my boyfriend?s ex-wife, I?m at a complete loss. This is serene acreage littered with potential land mines. Not only is there the very real possibility I?ll arrive with my shirt on inside out, bu… Read More>>>

Dating in a winter wonderland

Relationship Articles1
If you?re single during the winter holidays, you might feel more like hibernating than getting out there and trying to find a date. But that?s exactly what you shouldn?t do. Don?t wait until the New Year, start now. We asked the experts for ideas on how to find a great date under your tree … Read More>>>

Ask Dr. Gilda Is size all that matters

Relationship Articles1
Dear Dr. Gilda,
I?m at a loss and I find myself losing faith in humanity. I am admittedly overweight ? not morbidly obese, just overweight. People constantly tell me, ?You have such a pretty face? and ?If you?d just lose some weight?,? or things on the other end of the spectrum, like ?If he… Read More>>>

Theres a nicer way to say no

Relationship Articles1
Neil Sedaka was wrong! Breaking up is no longer hard to do. With a click of the mouse, we can say no and move on to the next dateand open ourselves up to the possibility of a better relationship.
?The Internet, text messaging, email and BlackBerry [allow] you to readily say NO to someone w… Read More>>>

Ask Dr. Gilda What do men really want?

Relationship Articles1
Dear Dr. Gilda,
OK, maybe I?ve been watching too much television, but why is it that these ?monster brides? are mean and disrespectful toward their men, yet the men still want them?! I was married right out of high school for three years to a man who cheated on me. I treated him like a king… Read More>>>

Ask Lynn Im not sure where I stand?

Relationship Articles1
Dear Lynn,
I have known the man in my life for years and we are close, but I know that he still ?deals? with his ex, his child?s mother, who he was with for six years and who he lived with, even after they broke up, until recently. A few months ago he asked me about having a relationship wi… Read More>>>

Dates behaving badly

Relationship Articles1
Everyone does weird things.
Oh, sure, most of us look normal most of the time, but there are places in the head where the trains don?t run. A quick glance at our own family can be a convincer. There?s cousin Bobby, who collects sand; there?s Aunt Carmen, who irons socks; there?s Uncle Perr… Read More>>>

Dating a younger man

Relationship Articles1
A funny thing happened when the cable guy came by to hook up my digital converter box the other day. He asked me out. Now, normally this wouldn?t be a problem: The guy was cute, funny, and fairly knowledgeable about old movies (which I happen to love). But he was also 22 years younger than … Read More>>>

Do your pals hate your date

Relationship Articles1
Finding out your friends don?t like your boyfriend can be a shock. It was for Joseph Cavalieri when his roommate delivered the news.
?She just didn?t like him at all,? says the 49-year-old glass artist from New York. ?She basically put the wall down and said, ?You can see me, but I don?t wa… Read More>>>

Dont like your friends date

Relationship Articles1
Valeria Donovan doesn?t mince words. She?s direct to a fault, a great quality for haggling with salesmen, maybe, but not always a benefit when it comes to her friends? relationships.
?I?ve lost friends,? the 31-year-old aesthetician from Memphis admits, and her experience highlights the pit… Read More>>>

Fall time for love

Relationship Articles1
Kicking leaves, carving pumpkins, pencils, books and work: We?re back in the fall routine. And as we resume our autumn rituals, most of us take stock. Perhaps there?s nothing we ponder more thoroughly than our bedroom habitat. Is someone there? If not, why not? If so, is this The One? Or s… Read More>>>

Guys Give thanks for women!

Relationship Articles1
Sure, we can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Sure, there?s the nagging, the nosiness, the PMS mood swings and those easily injured feelings. But guys, think for a moment about all the wonderful things we ladies do. From the pains we take to be aesthetically pleasing to how we kiss it and m… Read More>>>

Jobless What to say on a date?

Relationship Articles1
When you?re out of work, there?s no question harder than ?What do you do for a living?? Its impact can be even worse when it?s coming from your date. And then there are the other pesky questions that follow.
To help you field these queries, we?ve compiled a handy guide.
Q: What do you do f…

Rebound 101

Relationship Articles1
Most wounds heal naturally, but if your last relationship ended with a near-fatal blow, it might not be enough to erase all your sweetie?s emails or delete that number from your cell. You might need to take stronger action.
?When you?ve split up with someone, you?re not only dealing with a … Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 112

Relationship Articles1
When we last left our writer, she was fretting away the time until her work interrogation began armed with the knowledge that she?d seen scumbag Steve watching pornin the office, on his work computer! Will the tables get turned on her accusers? Read on to find out.
To read the entire series…

Single in the suburbs, part 113

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, our writer enjoyed a brief but awkward video chat with Loves To Cook. With all the distractions going on in her professional life, Loves To Cook may have to wait just a bit as Sara tackles a mountain of work due the day of her review. Will she turn the tables on her… Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 114

Relationship Articles1
We left off with our columnist about to meet with Sasha Cogan, a work superior and mother to her daughter?s best friend. Sara?s nervous about sharing what?s been going on with the turncoat trio of Charmaine, Burt and Steve, but isn?t sure what she wants to accomplish beyond unburdening her … Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 115

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, Sara was floating on air after explaining the whole sordid work situation to Sasha Cogan, a supervisor above Steve and the rest of the turncoats in her office. She?d just logged in for a chat with Loves To Cook to share the good news? but what will his reaction be?

Single in the suburbs, part 118

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, our writer, Sara, was riding high on all the male attention she?d gotten throughout the week. She?d just gotten a response to her Craigslist posting from potential handyman, Ethan, and caught the eye of half of Barnes & Noble. Is there more in store for Ethan than j… Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 119

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, Ethan the handyman had just completed a whirlwind tour of repairs through our columnist?s house. Just as she was putting up her feet at the end of a professionally and personally empowering week, the phone rang. Who called Sara? Read on?
To read the entire series of…

Single in the suburbs, part 120

Relationship Articles1
When we last left our columnist, she was uncomfortably ensconced with a group of gals who share one thing in common with her: Craig, her ex-husband. Maybe his ears were burning, because Sara?s phone buzzed with a text message from Craig immediately afterwards. Why is he contacting her? Read… Read More>>>

Anything to avoid a second date

Relationship Articles1
An old friend from high school once told a guy she couldn?t go on another date with him because she was on weekend furlough from the local women?s prison. I?m not sure what?s more lamethe excuse itself, or the fact that the guy actually believed it. Either way, it got me wondering what othe… Read More>>>

8 great indoor dates

Relationship Articles1
Summer dating allows us to spend a lot of time outside. But cooler weather?s on its way, so it?s time to think about moving back indoors. Here are some fun ideas for interesting indoor dates that don?t involve loud clubs or packed barsjust sweet strategies for bringing you two closer.
Try a…

Women Give thanks for men!

Relationship Articles1
OK, so we have our faults: Forgetting anniversaries, forgetting to put the seat down, and a whole bunch of other important things I?m forgetting. But before you go wishing for a world devoid of us big dumb apes, take a minute to reflect on all the joy we bring to your world. Like duct tape,… Read More>>>

Single in the suburbs, part 116

Relationship Articles1
In our last installment, Sara was searching for a handyman on Craigslist and trying to assuage her guilt over her daughter?s complaints about having two divorced parents. However, the weekend is over and it?s back to the office to see what?s happened with the Terrible Turncoat Trio?
To read…