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Relationship Articles to Help You Understand Your Partner and Yourself

  • Sexy Food: tomatoes are sexy

    Sexy Food: tomatoes are sexyThink tomatoes aren’t sexy? You’ve never tried them slow-roasted! Serve them “as is”, use like a side dish for lamb, chicken and turkey or make them a perfect topping for pasta and homemade pizza. Slow-roasted tomatoes are juicy, zesty and light. Well, they are just perfect for a seduction meal! Read More>>>
  • Best Dating Apps for New Yorkers

    Best Dating Apps for New YorkersThere are 8.5 million people living in NYC. And someone who suits you for tonight or for the rest of your life is out there too. Maybe, you saw your Mr./Ms. Right on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, or sat next to him or her this afternoon in a coffee shop ... Read More>>>
  • What Is a Catfish in Online Dating and How to Fend off It

    Catfishing Meaning and its Relation to Online CommunicationThe more popular online dating is the more and more unsavory characters are attracted to it. That’s the reality we have to face. But it doesn’t mean you are to give up the idea of fast and easy matchmaking. You just have to be a bit more cautious and considerate ... Read More>>>
  • Single in the suburbs, part 114

    Single in the suburbs, part 112We left off with our columnist about to meet with Sasha Cogan, a work superior and mother to her daughter’s best friend. Sara’s nervous about sharing what’s been going on with the turncoat trio of Charmaine, Burt and Steve, but isn’t sure what she wants to accomplish beyond unburdening her ... Read More>>>
  • Women: Give thanks for men!

    Women: Give thanks for men!OK, so we have our faults: Forgetting anniversaries, forgetting to put the seat down, and a whole bunch of other important things I’m forgetting. But before you go wishing for a world devoid of us big dumb apes, take a minute to reflect on all the joy we bring to ... Read More>>>
  • Rebound 101

    Rebound 101Most wounds heal naturally, but if your last relationship ended with a near-fatal blow, it might not be enough to erase all your sweetie’s emails or delete that number from your cell. You might need to take stronger action. “When you’ve split up with someone, you’re not only dealing with a ... Read More>>>
  • Do your pals hate your date?

    Do your pals hate your date?Finding out your friends don’t like your boyfriend can be a shock. It was for Joseph Cavalieri when his roommate delivered the news. “She just didn’t like him at all,” says the 49-year-old glass artist from New York. “She basically put the wall down and said, “You can see me, but ... Read More>>>
  • Jobless? What to say on a date

    Jobless? What to say on a dateWhen you’re out of work, there’s no question harder than “What do you do for a living?” Its impact can be even worse when it’s coming from your date. And then there are the other pesky questions that follow. To help you field these queries, we’ve compiled a handy guide. Q: What ... Read More>>>
  • Guys: Give thanks for women!

    Guys: Give thanks for women!Sure, we can be a pain in the butt sometimes. Sure, there’s the nagging, the nosiness, the PMS mood swings and those easily injured feelings. But guys, think for a moment about all the wonderful things we ladies do. From the pains we take to be aesthetically pleasing to how ... Read More>>>
  • Fall: time for love?

    Fall: time for love?Kicking leaves, carving pumpkins, pencils, books and work: We’re back in the fall routine. And as we resume our autumn rituals, most of us take stock. Perhaps there’s nothing we ponder more thoroughly than our bedroom habitat. Is someone there? If not, why not? If so, is this The One? ... Read More>>>