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Relationship Articles to Help You Understand Your Partner and Yourself

  • Don’t like your friend’s date?

    Don't like your friend's date?Valeria Donovan doesn’t mince words. She’s direct to a fault, a great quality for haggling with salesmen, maybe, but not always a benefit when it comes to her friends’ relationships. “I’ve lost friends,” the 31-year-old aesthetician from Memphis admits, and her experience highlights the pitfalls of being honest with our friends ... Read More>>>
  • Dating a younger man

    Dating a younger manA funny thing happened when the cable guy came by to hook up my digital converter box the other day. He asked me out. Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem: The guy was cute, funny, and fairly knowledgeable about old movies (which I happen to love). But he was ... Read More>>>
  • Anything to avoid a second date…

    Anything to avoid a second date...An old friend from high school once told a guy she couldn’t go on another date with him because she was on weekend furlough from the local women’s prison. I’m not sure what’s more lame: the excuse itself, or the fact that the guy actually believed it. Either way, it ... Read More>>>
  • 8 great indoor dates

    8 great indoor datesSummer dating allows us to spend a lot of time outside. But cooler weather’s on its way, so it’s time to think about moving back indoors. Here are some fun ideas for interesting indoor dates that don’t involve loud clubs or packed bars; just sweet strategies for bringing you two ... Read More>>>
  • Dates behaving badly

    Dates behaving badlyEveryone does weird things. Oh, sure, most of us look normal most of the time, but there are places in the head where the trains don’t run. A quick glance at our own family can be a convincer. There’s cousin Bobby, who collects sand; there’s Aunt Carmen, who irons socks; there’s ... Read More>>>
  • Single in the suburbs, part 118

    Single in the suburbs, part 112In our last installment, our writer, Sara, was riding high on all the male attention she’d gotten throughout the week. She’d just gotten a response to her Craigslist posting from potential handyman, Ethan, and caught the eye of half of Barnes & Noble. Is there more in store for Ethan ... Read More>>>
  • Ask Dr. Gilda: Is size all that matters?

    Ask Dr. Gilda: What do men really want?Dear Dr. Gilda, I’m at a loss and I find myself losing faith in humanity. I am admittedly overweight not morbidly obese, just overweight. People constantly tell me, “You have such a pretty face” and “If you’d just lose some weight”, or things on the other end of the spectrum, like ... Read More>>>
  • Dating in a winter wonderland

    Dating in a winter wonderlandIf you’re single during the winter holidays, you might feel more like hibernating than getting out there and trying to find a date. But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do. Don’t wait until the New Year, start now. We asked the experts for ideas on how to find a great ... Read More>>>
  • Honey, meet the ex

    Honey, meet the exForget the quandary of first-date attire. When it comes to choosing an outfit for a meeting with my boyfriend’s ex-wife, I’m at a complete loss. This is serene acreage littered with potential land mines. Not only is there the very real possibility I’ll arrive with my shirt on inside out, ... Read More>>>
  • How are your dating manners?

    How are your dating manners?Manners may seem old-fashioned, but they’re still important in making a good first impression. Take this fun quiz to figure out if your manners are good, bad or ugly. How do you greet your date? Is that what you’re wearing? (Score = 1) Ready yet? (Score = 2) Hello (Score = 3) You look great. ... Read More>>>