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6 Best Hookup Bars in NYC for Those Tired of Tinder

 The Age of Tinder seems to bring down bar hookup culture. Still not willing to give up the bars? Be cool, you don’t have to. Especially with our brand-new guide on the best NYC hookup bars. Get ready for a hot night!

Internet is the new bar, but still plenty of people out there are addicted to the real buzz and the unique NYC bar ambience. Whether you prefer finding hookup partners ‘in live’ or meeting dating app matches in hot cramped places with lots of fun going on, you could use a locales guide. So here’s our first pick bars in New York City to make you score on the first date. Read on and make your hookup plans for tonight!

6 Best Hookup Bars in NYC for Those Tired of Tinder


  • Skinny Dennis, Williamsburg

A tiny, honky-tonk looking spot of cheap beer, retro vibes and old -school porn pics in the rest rooms. Doesn’t feel like a good idea for hooking up? You’re deadly wrong! It’s perfect to get real close to the hottie on the dance floor by the band. And mind that the music is too, we mean it, too loud. So it’s less talking, more dancing. Don’t miss your chance!

Skinny Dennis, Williamsburg


  • Black Rabbit, Greenpoint

Ever had a drink in a rabbit hole? You go and try! A fireplace, a spectacular backyard, intimate oak booths, lots of conversationally wise regulars – it’s all pretty romantic. But the thing that makes it all work is their $3 beer. So bring your A-game. Stories, acquaintances and decent hookup options here last all night long. Good for adults in their 30’s and above and for classy-loving young folks.

Black Rabbit, Greenpoint


  • Common Ground, Meatpacking District

And now a surefire hookup-welcome spot for under-30’s. How about dancing under verdant ceiling? Or up on the wide-open dance floor? Add the trendy electronic and hip-hop music, an excited young crowd and very close dancing, standing and sitting. It’s as romantic, fun and intimate as you can imagine.

Common Ground, Meatpacking District


  • The Levee, Williamsburg

Want a hot hipster guy or girl? You’ve got it here! Hot singles, whiskey shots, the famous free cheese balls (awful, but good, as they are free, yeah?) – isn’t that perfect for hookups? And another awful, but good detail: you can make out with a stranger while standing in the line to the unisex bathroom. That’s The Levee!

The Levee, Williamsburg


  • Jupiter Disco, Bushwick

Think sci-fi is out of fashion and good for a bunch of nerds only? Hell no! Come to Jupiter Disco and check. Well, the sci-fi nerds will surely be there, but so will the LED-lit bar, the dance floor, the trendy industrial vibes and your mood for hookups!

Jupiter Disco, Bushwick


  • Joshua Tree, Murray Hill

Yelling, dancing, enjoying free-flowing alcohol and above all picking one night stand partners. That’s mainly what they do at Joshua Tree every night. But hey, surprise! The playlist is stuffed with the biggest and sweetest ‘80s tunes, so even if you won’t have a hookup, you will have some good music and fun. It’s worth checking out!

Joshua Tree, Murray Hill


NYC bars are more than just alcohol drinking spots. They are the scene for love lives and everyday (ok, every-night) fun for zillions of New Yorkers. They are a part of New York City dating culture – just like restaurants and dating apps. Need a hookup? Go to a bar! Already have one online? Take him or her to a bar! Both decent guys and girls and those your mom warned you about are out there waiting.

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