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Best Romantic Restaurants in New York

Best Romantic Restaurants in New York

New York is probably the world’s capital of restaurants. Dining out here in NYC is bigger than just having meals and restaurants are bigger than eateries. They are decorations and contributors for business and love affairs, for dramas and happiness, for emerging romances and mature relationships. The restaurant’s ambience makes your day and your date! So please take care of the spot you pick for dining with your significant other.

In order to help you with that we’ve looked through top venues and made a list of 100% romantic restaurants in New York.

  • Buvette


Located: West Village

A truly Parisian spot in the heart of Manhattan that is obviously VERY romantic even though all venues in West Village have some romantic vibes. They serve light, delicious and sexy French food and make you and your date sit really close to each other. What else might you need for a surefire successful date?

  • Prune


Located: East Village

There is nothing special about the place. Except that they make usual things very unusual, mix products in a special way and serve regular dishes like nowhere else. You two will surely get exciting new experience that will bring you emotionally closer.

  • Vinegar Hill House

Vinegar Hill House

Located: Vinegar Hill

A perfect place to give yourself a rest of the big city’s pace of life without going far from it. Antique wooden decor and overall genuine rustic style make Vinegar Hill House cozy, intimate and nontrivially romantic.

  • Lucali


Located: Brooklyn

A brick oven, dimmed lights, a few tables and…pizzas! This is the most unexpected and the most romantic way to have pizza, calzone and other traditional Italian food in a quiet cozy place.

  • La Grenouille

La Grenouille

Located: Fifth Avenue

A classically elegant French restaurant where every single part of a perfect date is just where it belongs. Little lamps making an intimate lighting, traditional seduction dishes like truffle souffle and delicate aroma of fresh flowers… Both you and your date will love the romantic ambiance.

The above restaurants are good for any occasions and any times of the year. Try them and see how important is the atmosphere and how much can it help you in creating a wow date for your loved one!