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Best Date Restaurants in New York Outside Manhattan

Best Date Restaurants in New York Outside Manhattan

Manhattan is full of all sorts of restaurants. Trendy or traditional, fun or romantic, quiet or crowded – you’ll surely find a place that fits your plans for tonight in the middle of Greenwich Village. But New York City is bigger than just one island. There are nice romantic places in other boroughs as well. We’ve checked them out and are now ready to introduce our list of the absolute best date restaurants in New York outside Manhattan.

  • Maison Premier

Maison Premier

Located: Brooklyn

Great selection of oysters and cocktails, refined French cuisine, a fancy atmosphere and romantic vibes – you’ll have it all there. It’s a high class restaurant for high class dates. And yes, located in Brooklyn.

  • Convivium Osteria

Convivium Osteria

Located: Brooklyn

Treat your significant other and yourself with a Mediterranean dining tour right in the neighborhood. And mind that the restaurant has much to offer beyond fine Italian, Spanish and Portuguese cuisine starting with a nice garden and wine cellar. That’s what they call true romance.

  • Lucali


Located: Brooklyn

A cozy Italian restaurant serving pizza made in the brick oven. Lucali has a great friendly (or better say, family-like) atmosphere. No long waits for a table, no long way home. It’s another good place if you are in a Brooklyn mood tonight.

  • Dumpling Galaxy

Dumpling Galaxy

Located: Queens

How about a dumpling date? It’s fun, it’s unexpected and it’s delicious at Dumpling Galaxy! They serve100+ different kinds of dumplings including chief’s signature. And the best part is that you can share almost every dish and get an unforgettable common experience.

  • Enoteca Maria

Enoteca Maria

Located: Staten Island

An authentic trattoria with a daily-changing menu. It’s like eating at your Italian granny’s house (without having her at the table and judging your date, of course). The food is delicious, the atmosphere is relaxing and you feel you are loved there. It makes a good decoration for love stories.

There is no need to chase the romance far from home. Pick one of these exciting dining destinations and have a perfect romantic date inside your borough!