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Restrictions can restrict user’s access to any areas of the website or the entire website anytime on its own discretion.

Restricted Areas

In case provides you with a login and password to access the restricted area of the website, please be sure to keep them safe. Any activity in the restricted area performed using your login and password is considered to be initiated and performed by you. The protection of login and password is 100% user’s responsibility.

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You must not upload harmful, illegal, unlawful content that can be used for fraudulent purposes or in order to harm third parties, the website and yourself under any applicable law. reserves the right, but not the obligation to monitor user content. The service can change the policy related to user content anytime without prior notice. To check the relevant policy, please visit the website and review the foregoing document.

No Warranties and/or Professional Advice

The materials posited on the website are designed for informational purposes only and can never be used as blueprint for action or professional advice. In case you need a legal, financial, medical or personal advice, please contact a relevant expert. presents the site as is and gives no warranties on the service to be available or the materials including but not limited to user content to be true and relevant.

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In case of such a break or of a claim of such a break, reserves the right to suspend or prohibit your access to the website and/or block your IP-address from accessing the website and/or initiate legal proceedings and charges against you.

Severability of the document

The fact that any of the provision is unenforceable under the applicable law or found illegal and/or unlawful does not make neither other provisions nor the entire document unenforceable, illegal or unlawful as well.

Assignment reserves the right to transfer and/or subcontract its rights and obligations to third parties. Users cannot transfer and/or subcontract their rights and obligations related to the use of

Variation can revise any of the provisions above and the document in full without prior notice. New Terms of Use apply from the date of publication, so be sure to review the document and stay updated to the current version.

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